How to Keep Your YouTube Channel Active When You’re Away

How to Keep Your YouTube Channel Active When You’re Away

With just a few steps, you can prepare your YouTube channel for any time away you might be thinking of taking. Vacation or stay-cation, you don't have to take your channel with you.

Think of your Schedule
How often do you upload? It's a good idea to maintain a consistent schedule both so that your subscribers know when to expect a new video and to keep you constantly making new things. Life happens though, and sometimes taking a break (planned or unplanned) is necessary. I took a few weeks off when my computer was in the shop last year and my poor YouTube channel was not prepared. Some sad webcam vlogs followed. That’s why you should think ahead and stockpile videos, so when you’re on vacation, your YouTube channel doesn’t have to be!

Stockpile Videos

All this means is when you have a free day, instead of filming one video, film two (or 10!) Take advantage of an easy vlog setup, change your outfit each time (optional but oh so sneaky), and make sure your video topics are evergreen so it won’t matter when they go live. If you don’t want to film too many at once, at least try and stay one video ahead of schedule so you have that cushion.


If you know you’re going to be away from your computer the day of the upload, on your much-deserved vacation, YouTube will allow you to schedule your video in advance so you don’t even have to log in. You may not see 'Schedule' as an option right away if your channel is new. To obtain this feature you must first verify your channel. To check and see if you’re verified just log in, go to 'Creator Studio', then 'Channel', then 'Status and Features'. If under your channel name it says 'Partner Verified' then you’re okay, if not then you can verify your channel here. Consider scheduling some social media posts about your video as well, wherever your subscribers hang out.

When your new video goes live you’ll hopefully get a few comments. Now if you’re off swimming in the Caribbean or hiking up Mount Fuji then replying to those lovely comments might have to wait. If you’re, however, sipping a cappuccino in a Parisian café you might have a second to check in. If so, the YouTube Studio phone app is great for this. Don’t get too obsessed with checking the views or likes, you’re supposed to be on a stress-free vacation, remember?

This may not apply to everyone but if you list your email address on your YouTube channel 'About' page, then you might hear from your subscribers every so often. If that’s the case (as it is with me) I like to turn on a Vacation Responder so people know I’m not just ignoring their emails. I also turn on Inbox Pause so if I’m on my computer I’m not tempted to do any work. It’s free and great if you have Gmail.
Take a Break
Lastly, as Angelica Schuyler sings in the musical Hamilton, take a break. The importance of keeping your YouTube channel active is of course up to you. Typically it's more important if it's your business but less important if it's your hobby. Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me or signing up for my newsletter.

Safe Travels!

How to Keep Your YouTube Channel Active When You’re Away